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This festival has, by far, been the most reliable in term of communication. When I was announced as a Semi-Finalist for my screenplay, The Grin, I replied with a thank you with other comments. They immediately answered! This may seem small, but It's a big deal. I am honored to have been selected for my writing this year. I hope to enter more of my other work in the future. ~Dena Pech 
Great communication and resources made available. Grateful for the opportunity to share this story! ~Paula Rossman
Such a great experience with them! ~Madison Flannery
The encouragement and resources afforded to winners of this festival is humbling. They are upfront with you about the next steps of your career and even suggest further festivals to submit to if you are interested. I cannot suggest this festival enough ~John Dorsey  

Winners received consultation packages provided by Roadmap Writers that included sessions with talent managers and production executives including industry pros at Tradition Pictures, Guy Walks into a Bar, Charles Osowik Mgmt, ROAR!, and Content House.



Profit by John Dorsey


Anatomy of the Primal Symmetries by Ruben Latre

Angel Hair by Jack Vandagriff


The Pinch by James Raynor

Old Coast by Sara Acharya

Bloom by Matthew Borland

The George Sanders Affair by Michael Ellis

The Secret of the Smile by Robin U Russin

Modern Art by Laurence Fuller

Darnell, the Black Jew by Malcolm Solomon

Tumblers by Michael J McDonough & David Nathan Schwartz

Protector of the Emerald City by Kevin J Howard

One Less Heartbeat by Jim Griffith

Paper Airplane by Brandon Young

Veldt by Madison Sean Flannery

The Skylad by Peter Force

I Promise You This by Todd Sorrell

The Grin by Dena Pech

North Beyond East by Alex Farhandi

The Loser’s Club by Jonathan Turner Smith

175 by Yael Deynes

The McLean Gang by Frank Scott

Heron by Shannon Lin

Joseph and the SFISC team has been amazing in this time of madness! Fantastic communication and dedication to connecting their winners to the professional world. I'm truly honored to be recognized by such an amazing group!
Fabulous festival and competition. .
Love these script notes!
Nice to see a festival that supports serious writers taking on serious subject matter. Great competition.

Winners received consultation packages provided by Roadmap Writers that included sessions with talent managers and production executives including industry pros at Fictional Entity, the Bohemia Group, Content House, Kersey Management, and LD Entertainment.



Dr. Franka by Scott Nabat


Smalls by Dave Eisenstark

Land that We Love by Julian Awooner


Get the Strap by James Samuel

Tailspin by Emilio Corsetti III

Soul to Squeeze by Alex Arabian

Chupacabra by Aaron Willet and Jayesh Patel

The Sound of Silence by Thomas Louis Castiglione

This is the Last Time by Jeff Bretl

Run and Hide by Steve Crawshaw

Go, Doctor Banting Scott Sollars, Kyle Sollars, and Eric Sollars

Scuppernongs by Lynn Ashe

Little Things Mean a Lot by Michael Monteith

This competition is a class act. It's their primary purpose to support, endorse, advance and encourage their winning writers. I've experienced this with the phone calls, emails and promotion from them that left me feeling thankful and pumped up. They keep me informed when they forward my script to industry contacts. This win is more than just a pat on the back. Much, much more. Two thumbs up from me! 
Fabulous festival and competition. Will enter again.
Great Competition! Great Opportunity! Will definitely recommend it to my peers.
Sending your work here, especially for a first time writer, can be very beneficial!.

2019's winner received consultation packages provided by Roadmap Writers that included sessions with three separate talent managers in addition to our grand prize winner receiving script notes and a personal consultation from none other than the top talent manager at Insignia Entertainment.



Shapeshifter by James Sweeney


Parousia by Todd Sorrell

Totem by Heidi Morrell


True Destiny by Joe Leone

The Tide by Mitchell C. Oppenheim

Mania by Greg Mania

The Sound of Silence by Thomas Louis Castiglione

Mantis by Janese Taylor

Seven Days by John T. Frederick

There is a Season by Stuart Creque

Secrets of the South by Walter Richardson & Kathy Berardi

McDonald’s Massacre by Brandon Young

Bad Persian Daughter by Sara Gharagozlou

Dr. Franka by Scott Nabat

Purlieu by Emily Fohr